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BOI Meets Wellness is a wellness podcast that shares stories, celebrations and challenges of building a wellness ritual as BOI. Someone who is Born Obviously Incredible.

Host Evolve Benton shares weekly well-being tips and interviews incredible people about their journeys.

A new episode drops every Friday. 

We talk Money, Mindset and Motivation. 


Nov 6, 2020

Jazz Jordan is a Black, trans, elementary teacher in Baltimore City who is motivated by Black bodies manifesting and affirming their greatness, joy, and power. Growing up the oldest of 5 children in PG County, Maryland, Jazz saw the importance of ensuring all perspectives are considered in conversations. With awards in engineering, a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Maryland, and an MS in Elementary Education from Johns Hopkins University, his primary focus revolves around Black and Brown minds becoming confident in math and science. 

When not in the classroom, he is somewhere creating visual art, building and coding robots, or laughing with family and friends.

In this episode, we talk about:

[00:01 – 01:21] Introduction of the Guest

  • I introduce our guest for this episode, Jazz Jordan

[01:22 – 02:44] Wellness Tip of the Week

  • “Bring some light into your life, literally.”

[02:45 – 16:50] Who is Jazz Jordan?

  • Jazz talks about his background.
  • Jazz’s gratitude list. He enumerates the top 3 people in his life.
  • Jazz talks about adjusting to the new normal during this COVID pandemic. 
  • What made you go into robotics? Jazz shares the story behind how he got hooked into engineering classes during high school.

[16:51 – 27:40] Everyone’s Perspective Matters

  • Jazz talks about what it’s like being a black, trans elementary teacher
  • The educational system getting less and less attention from the government

[27:41 – 37:37] Feeding the Soul

  • Teaching pays the bills, but what feeds your soul?
  • Hear how Jazz keeps himself healthy physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 
  • Fearing what will happen to his job because of the pandemic

[37:38 – 43:06] The Manifestation Segment

  • What are your hopes, or where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
    • Jazz talks about his hopes, goals, and aspirations for the next 5 years.
  • Jazz’s plans on creating a robotics team at his school
  • Follow and support Jazz. See the links below.

[43:06 – 47:32] The BOI Talk and Hop Segment

  • Love is?
    •  “Excitement.”
  • Money is?
    • “Scary.”
  • Ownership is?
    • “Very important to how we navigate the world.”
  • Education is?
    • “The best career to ever be in, and I hope everybody becomes a teacher.”
  • Wellness is?
    • “Very important during COVID. Probably the most important thing during COVID.”
  • Healing is?
    • “So necessary for black individuals.”
  • If you could speak to anyone dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you do?
    • My aunt Tasha, we would go and just get some food and talk about life.
  • Jazz is?
    • “Dope AF.”


Tweetable Quotes: 

“People say stuff, and they don’t realize they’re saying dumb stuff in front of you that affects your identity.” – Jazz Jordan

“Life is hard, and money shouldn’t be something that causes you to like stress out.” – Jazz Jordan


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