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BOI Meets Wellness is a wellness podcast that shares stories, celebrations and challenges of building a wellness ritual as BOI. Someone who is Born Obviously Incredible.

Host Evolve Benton shares weekly well-being tips and interviews incredible people about their journeys.

A new episode drops every Friday. 

We talk Money, Mindset and Motivation. 


Oct 3, 2019

On this episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS, Evolve sits down with financial advisor Dominique Brown. Dominique Brown is the owner of the YFS Academy and YourFinancesSimplified and he helps individuals and small businesses overcome their financial roadblocks to financial freedom. Evolve shares their practice with setting targeted goals for their finances and an affirmation of the week. Dominique’s motto “Finances can be fun!” stands for his long-held conviction that becoming rich is a lifestyle choice that one has to learn to enjoy. Just like living with a healthier diet and exercise is difficult, but rewarding, improving your financial lifestyle can be just as fun in a productive and fulfilling way.  


In this episode you’ll discover:


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