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BOI Meets Wellness is a wellness podcast that shares stories, celebrations and challenges of building a wellness ritual as BOI. Someone who is Born Obviously Incredible.

Host Evolve Benton shares weekly well-being tips and interviews incredible people about their journeys.

A new episode drops every Friday. 

We talk Money, Mindset and Motivation. 


Jun 19, 2020

On this episode of BOI Meets Wellness, Evolve interviews Rachelle "Analog LUST" Luster.  Analog Lust is an Artist, Producer, Audio Engineer and Creator of Analog Dope. She holds an A.S. in Music Production and a B.S. in Entertainment Business from The Los Angeles Film School.


As a producer Analog Lust creates an intersection of Electronic Soul and Hip-Hop vibes. Her high energy synthesized wave instrumentals are complemented by seasoned lyricism and content that feeds the soul.  Analog Lust also co-produced Evolve’s spoken word album SIR Volume 1. 

 In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The journey from lyricist to producer  
  • What people underestimate about the music industry
  • Tips for young musicians to succeed
  • Lust favorite book: Conversations with GOD 

Celebrate Juneteenth by Activating Your Melanin with Analog Lust 

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