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BOI Meets Wellness is a wellness podcast that shares stories, celebrations and challenges of building a wellness ritual as BOI. Someone who is Born Obviously Incredible.

Host Evolve Benton shares weekly well-being tips and interviews incredible people about their journeys.

A new episode drops every Friday. 

We talk Money, Mindset and Motivation. 


Aug 21, 2020

On this episode of BOI Meets Wellness, Evolve interviews Meckell Milburn owner and healer at Revolutionary Healing. Revolutionary Healing- a holistic health and wellness organization that supports healing of the mind, body, and spirit through offerings such as wellness coaching, spiritual healing, meditation, yoga, and plant medicine.

Meckell is grateful to have been evolving in the wellness industry for more than a decade and is committed to centering the experiences of black womxn and nonbinary folks in her work. Her mission is to support black folks in reclaiming access to our divine wisdom. 

Meckell holds a master’s degree in Integrative Health and is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Outside of her professional life, she is a nap-connoisseur, an avid runner, and a lover of world travel.

In this episode you’ll discover :


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