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Sep 8, 2022

Walter Gainer III is the host and producer of the Boss Locks podcast, a show where he speaks to Black leaders to learn about their natural hair journey and experiences Working While Black.


In this episode, Walter takes us through his podcasting journey. After experiencing pressure to cut his locks and learning about similar stories from others, he decided to create a podcast and tackle hair bias in corporate settings. He also shares how he found his voice as a podcaster and gives tips on how to start a sustainable and successful podcast.



[00:01 – 0:42] Opening Segment

  • I introduce our guest, Walter Gainer II


[00:43 – 05:11] Who is Walter Gainer II?

  • Walter talks about being more intentional in finding things outside of his day-to-day life
  • What it’s like living in Atlanta and how he’s loving the food and the people there


[05:12 – 08:36] Wellness Check-In

  • Stop associating happiness with productivity
  • Enjoy the moment and the time you have with the people around you


[08:37 – 17:08] Normalizing Natural Hair in the Workplace

  • Walter introduces his podcast, Boss Locks, and why he’s proving that natural hair and professionalism can coexist
  • There are a lot of people with natural hair who face difficulties in professional environments and it’s important that these stories are told
  • Some don’t experience hair discrimination but do encounter people who are overly curious about black hair
  • It’s good that we’re now coming to a point where it is more acceptable to have natural hair


[17:09 – 18:03] The Guided Meditation for Wealth

  • Move past the negative thoughts and build a better relationship with money and abundance. Watch the guided meditation on YouTube for free!


[18:04 – 25:54] Building Confidence as a Podcaster

  • Starting a podcast? Keep it simple and do what you can with the tools available to you
  • Believe in your voice and put yourself out there consistently
    • People resonate with you more than you think
  • Walter recommends a couple of ways to prepare yourself before an interview


[26:44 – 31:33] Overcoming Podfade

  • Podcast at your own pace to avoid burnout
  • Take breaks, have a support system, and plan out content ahead of time


 [31:34 – 36:12] Closing Segment

  • Walter answers the BOI Talk and Hop questions
  • Reach out to Walter!


Tweetable Quotes:

“Whatever culture you're from, it's not okay to just go and put your hands on somebody. That's harassment. I think that we don't really associate those two enough, especially in the workplace or school environments.” - Walter Grainer II

“Don't worry if you think your voice sounds weird because everybody's voice sounds weird, but everyone else will tell you, oh, I love your voice. So get that out of your head.” - Walter Grainer II

“They want to be big. They want it to be a part of people's lives. And it's a great goal, but it's just not realistic for everyone at every stage.” - Walter Grainer II


Visit to know more about Walter Grainer II. Find him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and join their Facebook group.

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