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BOI Meets Wellness is a wellness podcast that shares stories, celebrations and challenges of building a wellness ritual as BOI. Someone who is Born Obviously Incredible.

Host Evolve Benton shares weekly well-being tips and interviews incredible people about their journeys.

A new episode drops every Friday. 

We talk Money, Mindset and Motivation. 


Oct 31, 2019

On this episode of BOI Meets Wellness Evolve sits down with Brooklyn Wright, investor and creator of BOI Society and Qreate Society Boi Society is the largest and most diverse platform for the queer, androgynous and tomboy community. Brooklyn lives up to this intention by enforcing “We are not here to label. We honor and represent the entire queer community.“ Evolve and Brooklyn discuss the power of investing in community, how to build joy and freedom outside the corporate job industry, and the power of queer creators. Evolve drops some wellness tips about Sleeping Smarter and staying hydrated.  We hope you enjoy this episode. Please don’t forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcast.  


In this episode you’ll discover:

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